You should see this: Tenebrae


Actress Eva Robin

Dario Argento is another late discovery for me. I read about Suspiria last spring. Oh my! What a revelation. Though I really love his supernatural flicks, I think Tenebrae, his 1982 giallo masterpiece, is a fantastically unique experience.

For starters, the music kicks ass.

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You should hear this: Never For Ever

Awesome cover art too

If you haven’t listened to Kate Bush before, I’m here to fix that. She isn’t anywhere as famous in the US as she is in the UK. I hadn’t heard of her until about four years ago, and I didn’t really listen to her music for another two years. But once I started…Holy Shit! This woman is amazing.

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Dear Unicorn,

This blog is not about me. It’s about all the wonderful things that I like. Music, movies, and other artifacts from the distant past to the dazzling future. An electronic parade of glorious culture, filtered through the twisted perceptions of yours truly.


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